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Design AI helps to increase the value of your data and realizes significant competitive advantages through use case identification, business case evaluation and technical implementation.

Training & Workshops

Would you like to know what AI is and how it can boost your business?

We support you in understanding relevant AI technologies and potentials by explaining buzzwords in a differentiated and understandable way and making them tangible through industry-specific examples. We show what a business strategist needs to know about AI in order to support you in future decisions in the area of AI.

Use-Case Identification

Would you like to find out which AI Use-Cases are already possible today with your data?

We collaborate with you to identify innovative ideas and fields of application where AI can be used productively in your company and which individual AI Use-Cases are already possible for you today. This process is accompanied by our unique methodology which combines Design Thinking with AI.

Business-Case Evaluation

Would you like to identify which AI Use-Cases pay off in the long term?

Mostly there is no overview which AI Use-Cases offer the greatest benefit for your company and which should be tackled first. We develop a clear portfolio for your AI Use-Cases with their business potentials in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your AI investment options.

AI Implementation

You want a seamless implementation of AI concepts?

Our core competence lies in the technical conception and implementation of AI Use-Cases, which we develop and train with our agile AI Development Methodology. A detailed documentation at the handover ensures the sustainability of the solution.

We solve the problems of today with the technologies of tomorrow.

Track Record & Competencies

We combine competencies in the areas of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics.

Computer Vision

  • Convolutional neural networks for enhanced visual scene understanding in autonomous driving
  • Deep learning for ultrasound nerve segmentation for improving pain management and surgeries
  • Playing the game of draughts using reinforcement learning and deep Q-networks

Natural Language Processing

  • Predicting evolving topics in news data for extended time series analysis
  • Sentiment classification of tweets for enhancing marketing strategies
  • Predictive source code analysis for talent analytics

Business Intelligence

  • Time series analysis using long short-term memory architecture for KPI prediction
  • Identification of cross-selling-potential in e-commerce
  • Customer-lifetime-value prediction for credit scoring

Predictive Analytics

  • Load profile clustering and consumption prediction in energy sector
  • Prediction of longitudinal vehicle dynamics with recurrent neural networks
  • Smart meeting agents for detecting project issues and enhancing meeting efficiency

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"ChangeMaker has unique project data and offers huge potentials for innovative customer experiences via artificial intelligence. We knew about some potential AI use cases but were lacking a detailed overview of the most promising ones. Design AI worked very customer-centric and agile, which allowed us to collaboratively identify and prototype the most relevant AI use cases."

Dr. Alexander Ploghaus Managing Director Principia Mentis GmbH formerly Associate Partner McKinsey & Company

"The cooperation with Design AI was very successful. They designed a system that detects and verifies faces from a video with their ID document. Through their outstanding expertise in the field of Computer Vision, their solution drastically reduces the duration and cost per user verification."

Mathias Klenk Founder & Engineering Passbase

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