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Design AI helps to increase the value of your data and realizes significant competitive advantages through use case identification, business case evaluation and technical implementation.

Training & Workshops

We help you to understand relevant AI technologies and their potentials by making them tangible with industry-specific examples.

Use-Case Identification

Together with the founders of Design Thinking, we have developed a methodology to identify collaboratively innovative ideas and applications, where AI can be used productively and which specific AI use cases are already possible today.

Business-Case Evaluation

In addition to the top AI use cases, we develop a clear portfolio of their business potential to give you a holistic overview of your AI investment options.

Implementation & Deployment

We develop agile AI software solutions for your use cases and assist you with the integration into your running processes, depending on their complexity and scope.

We solve the problems of today with the technologies of tomorrow.

Track Record & Competencies

Wir vereinen Kompetenzen in den Bereichen Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics.

Computer Vision

  • Convolutional neural networks for enhanced visual scene understanding in autonomous driving
  • Deep learning for ultrasound nerve segmentation for improving pain management and surgeries
  • Playing the game of draughts using reinforcement learning and deep Q-networks

Natural Language Processing

  • Predicting evolving topics in news data for extended time series analysis
  • Sentiment classification of tweets for enhancing marketing strategies
  • Predictive source code analysis for talent analytics

Business Intelligence

  • Time series analysis using long short-term memory architecture for KPI prediction
  • Identification of cross-selling-potential in e-commerce
  • Customer-lifetime-value prediction for credit scoring

Predictive Analytics

  • Load profile clustering and consumption prediction in energy sector
  • Prediction of longitudinal vehicle dynamics with recurrent neural networks
  • Smart meeting agents for detecting project issues and enhancing meeting efficiency

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